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Week 40 in review


This week we have have continued to develop the HARNESS brand and press ahead with implementing our plans for stability across the product suite. From API's to core system engines, the tech team have been busy!

Week 40 header

What's happened this week?


This week we have planned this months upcoming marketing posts. The fabulous team over at NOSY today released the Data Identifiers post on LinkedIn which was a great way to understand how ADDRESSABLE can benefit businesses by connecting disparate datasets and connecting common identifiers for data analysis. You can download the full brochure from here.

Slide from the marketing update

We have also been shortlisted for Property Tech Company of the Year, the results of which are due next week.

UK Business Tech Awards Announcement

Data Science

Following on the theme of visualising identifiers the data science team are working on some incredible graphics to help explain the connections between the OGL datasets that ADDRESSABLE was initially built upon. These will be posted on social media and the company news site in the coming weeks.

Blank map of Addressable

Client progress

We have continued to finalise the process of going to production with our largest real estate client. On Monday we will be moving to a production environment within their internal software which will allow all departments across the business to upload, extract and analyse data from a variety of different documents. This is an incredible milestone for both HARNESS and the client which will undoubtably give them a competitive advantage for years to come.


Following on from Edwin's updates from last week, we have continued to work on the APIs (both internal and external) so that breaking changes can be made without the worries / constraints of impacting our clients. This is far more than simple versioning and will allow us to really accelerate releases whilst giving clients the confidence that they can upgrade / amend their own implementations whenever they are comfortable to do so. This will be released in v3 of the PDFx API and no clients will notice a change to their current integrations.


The UI is still undergoing some UI tweaks and changes to improve functionality and flow. We are working behind the scenes to prototype updated versions of the app to hand over to clients before going to the 'build' phase.

PDFx Parser

For those that are au fait with John Carmack (Programmer behind Wolfenstein, DOOM, Quake), you will undoubtably be aware of his infamous story about the 3D renderer used within the infamous 'DOOM' (1993) game. He had written the renderer which was handed to level designers, who quickly came back to him complaining about the engine performance. Following these complaints he locked himself away, and after the weekend he emerged with multiple render engines. Ultimately, he had utlised Binary space partitioning (something that had never been done in a video game before) in DOOM.

Programmer John Carmack went out of his way to create a brand new engine, locking himself in isolation for a good week or so away from his coworkers to achieve the same.

This anecdote is somewhat similar to what our engineers are currently undertaking with the PDFx Parser. The propriatory software can is fundamental to everything that we do within PDFx, and so by tuning the engine it will allow us to increase the cadence and add new features / handle new document types, tables, everything!

As any mechanic / engineer knows... swapping out the engine is never a fun / easy task!

What's coming up

Next week, as well as a number of trials going live we are also starting to plan for upcoming tech recruitment.

The current team will be returned to their full complement with the 'last' of the summer holidays allowing us a straight sprint through until Christmas!

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