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Week 41 in review


In a week that sent captain Kirk back to space, the HARNESS team have been working non-stop. The highlight of the week was going live with a long standing client on their API integration... Winning UK Property Tech company of the year came a close second!

Week 41 header

What's happened this week?

Promote to production

Our largest Commercial Real Estate client went live with their API integration from the PDFx SaaS platform directly into their internal systems.

The implementation allows their surveyors to upload documents of any kind into their internal software. The document is then sent to PDFx and reviewed by a member of their team before being re-imported straight back into the internal entry filling in all of the additional information that has been successfully extracted from the document.

We have worked tirelessly with the client to ensure that the datapoints, the extraction and the workflow are optimised to ensure that their team are able to utilise the data for core business decisions within the minimal amount of time. Whilst internal training is still being conducted to introduce the new platform, the initial feedback has been incredible.

HARNESS scoops Property Tech Company of the year

HARNESS win UK Tech Business 'Property Technology Company of the year

As we announced in last weeks updated we were nominated for Property Tech Company of the year. The results came were announced at a live event(!!) on Wednesday evening. You can view the full list of award winners here and even view some images from the evening!

We are extremely grateful for this award and hopefully there will be many more in the coming months.

UK Property Technology Company of the year winners!



As we also discussed in last weeks article, the labs team have been working with great finesse to tweak and tune the parser (engine) to improve PDFx's extraction capabilities. The first beta of the improved parser has now been integrated with PDFx and is being utilised internally.

The initial results show improvements to;

  • Accuracy
  • Complex layouts
  • Table structure detection
  • Colours & Graphic context
Improved layout analyser

UI & Training

As well as the engine (under the hood) having improvements, the training of the algorithms continues at pace. Whilst members of the team continue to work on USA & German functions, the algorithms team have focused on investigating a request from a number of clients regarding Residential / Development land brochures.

Whilst we've internally looked at these documents before we have not shown the results externally. This week, we changed that and allowed teams interested in these documents from a number of our clients to view the results.

Initial look at Residential / Development PDF Documents


V1 (Production)

Security is important. There's no denying that.

Whilst we are keen to continue improving V2 of the PDFx API, we appreciate that we must continually improve the V1 implementation, especially for the number of clients that have this implementation running within their production environments. To ensure that we are robust with our security protocols. The latest changes include;

  • A client can have multiple API subscriptions
  • Documents are shared across all of the respective client subscriptions
  • API config (e.g. webhooks, enhanced data etc.) can be applied at a client or subscriptions level (enhanced flexibility)

V2 (Pre-release)

  • Added config endpoint to return the versioned API config for a doc type, this will eventually be used by the UI providing a central configuration to control the API response and the view within the UI
  • Added extracted images to the response
  • Further changes to patching functionality


We have finalised Build 218a which will produce the dataset for PPSM. Expect the release mid-next week!

Everything connected, nothing changed

As a product, we also realise that the understanding of ADDRESSABLE and it's true potential is no quite right. We are planning on addressing this through a number of training sessions, improved information on the website and enhanced trial periods to show how connecting any dataset unlocks an infinite amount of potential.

We are simpifying our messaging to show that by connecting multiple datasets

What's coming up

We are starting our tech recruitment to fill a number of positions which will enhance our client support moving forward. If you are interested in helping to build any of our products - please get in touch! We are recruiting for a number of roles.

Interested in finding out more? We'd love to chat! Contact us →

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