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    Week in review - Week 37

    Another busy week here at HARNESS HQ, with both our core products (PDFx and ADDRESSABLE) we have been focusing on expanding functionality, catering for a wider markets needs and self promotion. (please feel free to connect & share on all socials!).

    We've also released a stunnning new ADDRESSABLE video, and introduced a Guess the function section for feedback, and competitiveness! Both can be found within this weeks 'week in review'.

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    Week in review - Week 36

    Data means nothing without accuracy. Or that's our thinking at least. Last week, we finalised our planning session with the goal that this final QTR should be spent on developing features that empower users, increasing confidence that the data provided / extracted is accurate and as such is valuable.

    We all make mistakes, but having a system in place which highlights / identifies potential outliers early is a critical part in building confidence.

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    Week in review - Week 33

    This week we’re excited to release our very first, ‘Week in review’. The week in review will be posted weekly on our product blog to ensure that everyone involved or interested in what we’re building at HARNESS are aware of the progress made and what’s in the pipeline for the coming weeks.

    Moving forward we plan to create a product roadmap for both PDFx and ADDRESSABLE to keep us honest and true.