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We are building the best way for you to connect data from disparate public, internal and third party sources, without breaking a sweat.

One square metre, 400x the value…

One platform, infinite possibilities…

Finding a true stock value is impossible. Attempting to estimate any workable value at all is challenging without usable, connected data.

This week, the team have continued pressing ahead with ADDRESSABLE developments at a rate of knots implementing a raft of features at break neck speed.

In a week where Facebook introduced the world to the metaverse, HARNESS have been exploring cosmos, wrestling with certs and welcoming a new galactic explorer to the team.

In a week that sent captain Kirk back to space, the HARNESS team have been working non-stop. The highlight of the week was going live with a long standing client on their API integration... Winning UK Property Tech company of the year came a close second!

This week we have have continued to develop the HARNESS brand and press ahead with implementing our plans for stability across the product suite. From API's to core system engines, the tech team have been busy!

This week we list some of the highlights of our monthly Labs presentation, and talk about the challenge of building flexible, yet reliable APIs.

As another week comes to a close we look back at the achievements of the team and the plans for PDFx, Addressable and even this blog!

A week full of webinars, proof of concept handovers and resource planning has almost brought Q3 to a close. We can't wait to get Q4 started.

Another busy week here at HARNESS HQ, with both our core products (PDFx and ADDRESSABLE) we have been focusing on expanding functionality, catering for a wider markets needs and self promotion. (please feel free to connect & share on all socials!).

We've also released a stunnning new ADDRESSABLE video, and introduced a Guess the function section for feedback, and competitiveness! Both can be found within this weeks 'week in review'.

Data means nothing without accuracy. Or that's our thinking at least. Last week, we finalised our planning session with the goal that this final QTR should be spent on developing features that empower users, increasing confidence that the data provided / extracted is accurate and as such is valuable.

We all make mistakes, but having a system in place which highlights / identifies potential outliers early is a critical part in building confidence.

Now that the summer is (almost) over, this week has predominantly been spent planning for the remaining QTR and the beginning of 2022. With a big focus on PDFx and Addressable and empowering their users.

For product context, see PDFx and ADDRESSABLE.

In our second-ever Week in Review we will look at our current work in a bit more detail. It's been another busy week despite (or because of?) the Holiday period, with a combination of feature delivery work and foundation/prep activities.

For product context, see PDFx and ADDRESSABLE.

This week we’re excited to release our very first, ‘Week in review’. The week in review will be posted weekly on our product blog to ensure that everyone involved or interested in what we’re building at HARNESS are aware of the progress made and what’s in the pipeline for the coming weeks.

Moving forward we plan to create a product roadmap for both PDFx and ADDRESSABLE to keep us honest and true.

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