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Valuing the property stock with Addressable


Finding a true stock value is impossible. Attempting to estimate any workable value at all is challenging without usable, connected data.

Addressable is everything data:

  • Connecting technology - a proprietary grid of positions against which the data is placed
  • Connected identifiers - across any number of datasets
  • Data – any number of atomic elements from all the connected sources

The data within the platform is already connected yet remains unchanged. This inverts the paradigm. The application of recipe (business logic, mathematics etc.) by an end user results in a usable output for business purposes, or otherwise. These ‘downstream use cases’ are theoretically infinite.

One such output is the Harness Price Per Square Metre (PPSM) dataset which is used here to estimate the total count, size and value of all property classifications in England and Wales. The recipe comprises three ingredients:

  1. Harness PPSM (5 connected OGL feeds)
  2. HM Land Registry House Price Index (applied across all asset classes)
  3. Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium (for property classification and scaling)

Here is one way of looking at the output.

Like all recipes, there is room for improvement. However, that is for those who have their own requirements and ideas on approach.

At Harness we are not in the business of market commentary; we are in the business of data enablement. We have nothing to say about our stock count, size and value estimates. It is merely an output of a recipe from infinite possibilities.

Welcome to Addressable.

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