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Week 43 in review


This week, the team have continued pressing ahead with ADDRESSABLE developments at a rate of knots implementing a raft of features at break neck speed.

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Harness commercial team spent a very productive couple of days at CRETech at Magazine in London this week. It was great to finally be able to spread our messages en masse, we’ve come a long way in between conferences, and see a host of our contacts back in a such a setting (even with the still slightly awkward shake / elbow bump / thumbs up / Vulcan salute dilemma ). We forged new relationships with owners, major accounts, government departments, potential partners and more, and look forward to continuing those discussions over the weeks to come.


  • Major upgrade to Addressable address matching (B21A). Now ALL matched addresses can be matched to a Toid, enabling the most accurate geo location
  • Added Company Directors Apointments and EPC Display Certificates
  • PPSM release expected by Thursday


We've held initial interviews with individuals this week for the roles of QA to assist with the automated testing of PDFX and Frontend Development for the HARNESS product suite.

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