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Week 37 in review


Another busy week here at HARNESS HQ, with both our core products (PDFx and ADDRESSABLE) we have been focusing on expanding functionality, catering for a wider markets needs and self promotion. (please feel free to connect & share on all socials!).

We've also released a stunnning new ADDRESSABLE video, and introduced a Guess the function section for feedback, and competitiveness! Both can be found within this weeks 'week in review'.

Week 37 header

What's been worked on


Validation & Computation

Following on from last weeks theme of accuracy, we have completed the first step towards Validation & Computation in the PDFx SaaS platform. Whilst this is only in the Development environment API at present we are focusing on rolling this out to the core datapoints extracted by the majority of our clients before expanding it to the nuance datapoints. It's key to remember that PDFx does not only extract property related data, whilst our strongest extraction rates surround investment brochures, we also must cater for the Insurance / Finance clients that utilise PDFx on a daily basis. Validating / Computing values for these documents is not quite as straightforward, but will be addressed in coming releases.

It's all about the currency

Whilst Downing Street UPRN: 100023336956 / HPID: 0b0d3f1d-8d9b-93b4-d623-9f2a04958d28 wrestle with reviving imperial measurements. PDFx is travelling through Europe, and as part of this journey we must accept the euro!

Whilst conducting a number of Proof of concepts for counterparts abroad we recognised that we must updated the internal algorithms to recognise european currency and metrics.

Accepting the euro
European complexity

On the face of it, to a human this seems like a simplistic change to allow the . instead of a , and vice versa. Unfortunately, that's not the case and so development time, training and testing has been invested to crack this European conundrum.


Explainer video

We've launched our first ADDRESSABLE intro video, we have posted this on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. We'd love to know your thoughts!

ADDRESSABLE marketing video

Third party premium data

As a business, we are always looking to collaborate with the aim of the greater good. We have a number of discussions on going with third party companies who would like to integrate their data in to ADDRESSABLE to understand the benefits not only for themselves, but their clients as well.

Whilst we are only ingesting sub-sets of their data at present, the initial results have been astounding.

Further Connections

As a part of improving the understanding of what ADDRESSABLE is we have continued to build out the ADDRESSABLE web-app. This week we introduced consilidated land registry titles which will allow you to view all land registry titles that belong to an entity within Addressable.

We will produce further articles / explainers in the coming weeks to further the understanding of the power of the addressable algorithms.

Nottinghill Home Ownership Titles
Nottinghill Home Ownership Titles
Nottinghill Related Home Ownership
Nottinghill Related Home Ownership

What's coming up


We plan on expanding the validation and computation of datapoints further within the Development API. From a SaaS (UI) perspective we are working with our design (UX/UI) team to ensure that the highlights are as clear as possible. We hope to be able to provide screenshots of the proposed implementation in next weeks update.

As mentioned previously, we are also introducing the Addresable data into PDFx for clients who utilise both PDFx and ADDRESSABLE. This is a core consideration when trying to keep the UI intuitive and self-explanatory.

Improved image support

A number of our clients have expressed their glee at the quality of the images being extracted and imported into their propriatory software. Our integration with has enabled them to import images without the worry of copyright / watermark infringements.

We are now taking this to the next step by enabling clients to 'snapshot' the document to add any images / sections of the document which may be of use to them. We will also allow them to set the primary image for the extraction (i.e. where the outside photo must be first).


Whilst not explicity looking for stories, we are always interegating the data for usability and accuracy. As part of this we have started utilising the company records stored within PDFX to track blue-chip company movement across the UK. We do not expect to produce numerous articles about this but we hope that we can release some visualisations of company growth / movement / expansion / collapse based on OGL datasets within ADDRESSABLE.

Accepting the euro
Tesco locations 2010


With the number of developments & releases in the past couple of weeks we are conscious that the onboarding / training documentation has not been updated to reflect these changes. With this in mind there is an incredibly important piece of work which needs to be completed to update the onboarding/training documentation for both PDFx and Addressable.

Guess the function

Within the tech team at HARNESS, we love to challenge each other. Both for pride but also for ensuring that everyone is aware of changes / improvements to the codebase which we all consider to be our baby.

This week, we're sharing one of these sample snippets with you. This one is pretty self explanatory, just to get you warmed up.

private void InvestmentSummary_AreaSqM(Asset investmentSummary)
      if (investmentSummary.AreaSqm == null || investmentSummary.AreaSqm.Value == null)
        if (investmentSummary.AreaSqft != null && investmentSummary.AreaSqft.Value != null)
          var value = Math.Round((investmentSummary.AreaSqft.Value.Value / (decimal)10.764), 0);
          investmentSummary.AreaSqm = new FSharpOption<DecimalDataPoint>(new DecimalDataPoint(value, new FSharpOption<DataPointMetadata>(new DataPointMetadata("decimal", null, null, null, false, false, true))));
      else if (investmentSummary.AreaSqm != null && investmentSummary.AreaSqm.Value != null && investmentSummary.AreaSqft != null && investmentSummary.AreaSqft.Value != null)
        var converted = investmentSummary.AreaSqft.Value.Value / (decimal)10.764;

        if (this.IsOutsideTolerance(converted, investmentSummary.AreaSqm.Value.Value))
          investmentSummary.AreaSqm.Value.Metadata.Value.IsConflictingValue = true;

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